Jungle Culture


Jungle Culture's story began as a response to the alarming environmental impact of plastic straws, with an astonishing 500 million discarded annually, each taking centuries to break down into microplastics. In August 2018, they introduced Jungle Straws, offering ethically sourced, reusable bamboo drinking straws, handmade by a family-run bamboo farm in Northern Vietnam. This humble initiative has since become the #1 best-selling bamboo straw product on Amazon and garnered notable partnerships with organizations like National Geographic, BBC Earth, and TOMS.

As passionate world travelers with a deep reverence for the natural environment and a genuine curiosity for diverse cultures, the founders decided to expand their sustainable mission. This expansion led to the birth of Jungle Culture, encompassing a broader range of eco-conscious products, from organic coconut bowls and bamboo cutlery to safety razors, shaving soaps, and wooden cups. These products are thoughtfully crafted in collaboration with leading British designers and Asian artisans, utilizing sustainable materials.

Jungle Culture's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices extends throughout their entire operation. Their headquarters may be based in Britain, but they maintain a strong connection with their partner farms, factories, and craft workshops in Asia. This not only ensures fair treatment of workers and high-quality production standards but also guarantees 100% organic manufacturing. Importantly, nothing is imported, minimizing the strain on the planet, and every sale directly benefits local communities.

At the heart of Jungle Culture is a celebration of human culture. From the dedicated farmers and artisans in rural Vietnam to the restaurants, independent brands, shops, and customers they serve worldwide, they cherish the connections they build. As a brand committed to sustainability, their journey is as organic as their products, constantly growing and evolving. Like bamboo shoots, their beliefs continue to sprout, leading them to harvest new ideas and sustainable solutions.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is a journey that can begin at any time, and Jungle Culture invites you to join their expedition, starting with something as simple as a single straw. In their mission to protect the planet, connect with cultures, and make eco-conscious choices, every small step counts.